Welcome to the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers

The Board of Directors and Officers

The Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers is a company limited by guarantee.

Name: The Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers
Place of registration: England and Wales
Registered number: 3117166
Registered office: 7 Bagley Close, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5XU

Because we are a company, we have a Board of Directors to organise our affairs rather than a committee. There is a maximum of 10 directors under our Constitution. Directors are normally appointed at the Annual General Meeting, but the Board can appoint someone to fill a vacancy at any time.

All of the directors and association officers are volunteers, who work on both routine administration and any special projects in their spare time.

The present Directors and Association Officers are:


Elected Directors

Alan Regan Company Chairman & Membership Secretary
Alan Regan

Company Chairman: Accountable to the members for ensuring that the board discharge both their specific and general duties in the smooth running of the Association.

Membership Secretary: Responsible for the processing of membership renewals and new joiners plus the maintenance of Association membership records
Brain Dominic Vice Chairman
Brian Dominic

Responsible for delivering the Model of the Year Competition at the annual show.

Mike Riley Company Secretary
Mike Riley
Maintains company records and compliance activities. Maintains Association insurance records.
Carol Regan Company Treasurer & Trader Co-ordinator
Carol Regan
Treasurer: Responsible for financial reporting activities and compilation of the annual accounts

Trader Co-ordinator: Responsible for trader attendance at the annual show
Colin Slight Treasurer Elect
Colin Slight
Suzanne Bradley Area Groups & Bulletin Editor
Suzanne Bradley
Responsible for the internal relationship between the board and the local groups
Also responsible for the compilation of our quarterly newsletter “Bulletin”
Gareth Jones Magazine Editor & Webmaster
Gareth Jones
Magazine Editor: Responsible for the compilation of our quarterly in house journal “16mm Today”

Webmaster: Responsible for maintaining and updating the Association's website
Laurence Smith Show Director
Laurence Smith
Responsible for organisation of the annual National Garden Railway Show

Heritage Director

Responsible for collating the history of 16mm NG modelling and feeding this into the web and journal  

Non-elected Officers

Publicity Officer
Rod Nipper
Responsible for the external facing publicity from the organisation into the public domain
Technical Officer
Nigel Town
Responsible for ensuring that members are aware of the requirements of the Association’s insurance arrangements and for ensuring that local reps have access to calibration facilities
IT Officer
Richard Huss
Responsible for ensuring that the Association deploys the most appropriate IT solutions in carrying out its duties and maintaining our data integrity
eGroup Moderator
Richard Stone
Responsible for the administration and moderation of the Association eGroup
Show: Member To Member sales co-ordinator

Responsible for the member to member sales activity at the annual show
Show: Stewarding co-ordinator
Paul Kidger
Responsible for organising stewarding cover for the annual show
Show: Layouts co-ordinator

Organiser of layouts for the annual show